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Children have many needs beyond the standards of food, clothing and shelter. While play time may seem trivial as compared to these basic necessities, it is, in fact, critical to a child’s social development. The SBAWP’s BluePrints program offers children with spina bifida and other related disabilities the opportunity to develop social, motor, sensory and cognitive skills by interacting with peers in a fun and stimulating environment. BluePrints offers a play group setting for children ages two – five years old. The aim of the program is to provide a place where parents and children can interact in a play/support group setting under the careful supervision of a professional.


Parents of a child with a disability often spend many hours in hospitals and physicians offices. These experiences are often stressful and can contribute to a parent’s decision to not let their child play freely for fear of them getting hurt. BluePrints offers a release from this fear in that it provides an opportunity not only for their child to play, but it also provides a safe environment to play in. BluePrints also allows parents to have a shared experience and learn from watching a professional interact with their child.


The program is offered monthly (days and times to be determined). Each session includes structured and unstructured play time with peers. A portion at the conclusion of each session includes parents in activities with their children.

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“Breaking Down Barriers- Program Helps Fulfill Special Need to Play” by Tina Calabro appeared in the May 9th edition of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette

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