FireFly Camps & Retreat Staff

What does FireFly Camps & Retreats look for when hiring counselors? 
Each year we hire a diverse staff who, with their personalities, backgrounds and talents, can serve as positive role models for our campers, teach the different activities offered at camp, and offer real enthusiasm for camp life. We look for staff members who want to join our camp community, make many new friends, and work hard to benefit the individuals who attend camp.

How old do you have to be to work at FireFly Camps & Retreats? 
Counselors must be 18 years of age and have completed one year of college or equivalent experience.

Do I have to have previous experience working at a camp to apply to work at FireFly Camps & Retreats? 
No, we encourage anyone who has had experience working with children and adults with disabilities and loves the outdoors to apply to work at FireFly Camps & Retreats. Each summer we have many returning counselors, but we also have almost the same number of new ones who bring their own wonderful energy and experiences to our program.

How many staff members are hired each summer? 
Each summer we hire about 30 staff to work at camp. In addition to the counselors, we also hire other nurses and program staff each summer.

What are the campers at FireFly Camps & Retreats like? 
Our campers range from ages 6-adult. They are divided into two groups: Adults (21 and up) and Youth/Teen (6-21). Our campers have spina bifida and related disabilities so counselors must be willing and able to lift and provide personal care.

What is the salary for a FireFly Camps & Retreats counselor? 
The starting salary for a cabin counselor at FireFly Camps & Retreats is competitive with other camps in our area. The base salary can increase according to your age, education, responsibilities, skills, and experience. A great perk to working at camp is that your room and board are included during the time you work, so you can really save a lot of money during the summer.

When do counselors get paid? 
Staff members are paid at the end of their contracted work period.

Do counselors have to work all summer? 
We prefer to hire counselors who can work all of our sessions (training, adult week, and youth/teen week).

What is the interview/hiring process like for counselors? 
As soon as we receive your application and reference letters, we will call you to set up an interview. While we prefer in-person interviews, we often conduct interviews over the phone. We hope the interview helps us get to know you, but also helps you learn more about FireFly Camps & Retreats. We really want to answer all your questions!

Am I right for FireFly Camps & Retreats? 
Are you a high energy person who likes to stay busy? Are you outgoing and friendly? Do you find it easy and enjoyable to be with children and adults? Are you comfortable in a rustic, outdoor setting? Are you a little bit goofy or silly at heart? If so, then you will fit right in at FireFly Camps & Retreats and absolutely love it.