Wellness Program

The SBAWP Wellness Program was designed specifically to support young adults with spina bifida and other related disabilities with a proactive and holistic service aimed at maintaining their health and wellness.

wellness exercise

Through coordinated and preventative care, SBAWP Wellness Coordinators help individuals manage the cognitive, physical and emotional aspects of their disability within the health care system. They work collaboratively with individuals, health care professionals, family members, caregivers and service providers on a weekly basis to ensure an exceptional level of care.


The complexity of and “gaps” in the current healthcare system do not provide adequate support for persons with complex (physical, emotional and cognitive) disabilities to manage independently. SBAWP’s Wellness Coordinators provide the link between all of these members of a very complex network of healthcare services bringing continuity and consistency for persons who otherwise would be unable to manage the system effectively on their own. Through this proactive approach, a person’s health status can be maintained or improved and the need for higher levels and extended periods of medical care reduced.

Other useful Wellness related information:

This link was provided by Theresa Crytzer, PhD, DPT, ATP, Assistant Professor, Duquesne University.  It’s from a talk she was asked to give for the SBA about weight management.  LINK HERE